The unveiling of Chief Ma-Ko-Ko-Mo.
Miami Nation of Indiana, Kokomo

"A few years back, a desire was kindled in me to re-create a likeness of the Chief who this city holds as its namesake "Ma-Ko-Ko-Mo". 
This has been an incredible journey of discovery for me. From the forgotten giants of the Ohio Valley to the mysterious mounds and henges stretching across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia, I've traveled to develop an understanding of the ancient tribes in these regions. 
During this time of discovery I became acquainted with Marcia K Moore, who is a world renowned artist that has been bringing the faces of the ancient past into focus again. 
Earlier this year during a chat on Facebook, Marcia after many conversations about our Chief said "let's do this", so the process began to bring our chiefs likeness back based on an old newspaper article printed in The Tribune in the early part of the 20th century. 
Come join us at the Historical Society for an evening of history and art. Get a chance to speak to the artist who will be on hand to explain her process. Hear from reenactors of David Foster and Chief Kokomo as they talk about the beginings of our city. See the original family bible of David Foster the founder of Kokomo and meet the members of the Foster family, who sponsored this work of art. As special guests to this event I've asked members of our local First Nations community to come and share their experience. Hope to see you there."

David Foster


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The ancients are showing their faces one by one and it is time we send them back to their homeland.

Chief Ma-Ko-Ko-Mo was created as a 3d Sculpture/enhanced digital art.

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