the art of marcia k moore

artist mission

Florida's coastlines are spectacular and it seems that most people find solace on or near the ocean and its beaches.  However, Marcia found her spirit-filled moments and creativity were derived from Florida's mysterious interior....the Everglades.

Since 2009 Marcia's artistic expression turned toward the process of creating a story/animation that has taken her on a journey through Florida and with that a discovery of ancient people's such as the Calusa Indians or "Shell People" who lived along the Gulf coast and inner waterways 2000 years ago.

This ongoing prolific creative quest has fleshed out the story, characters, and environment.  Diversity within the grassy waters has become a tantalizing resource for concept sketches, paintings, sculpture, digital visuals, photography, video, literary enhancement and travel.

Executing all of this raw conceptual work, along with field research, innately spawned many questions and creative side roads emerged.

Research has included ancient mound complexes in Florida and North America,  discovery of the Giants and those with elongated skulls found throughout the planet.

This perpetual journey with Ciamar continues to ask the questions "Who are we?"  "Where do we come from?"  "Why are we here?"

ciamar walks grassy waters

As a concept artist, Marcia, offers a comprehensive artistic/design service that includes both 2d and 3d process.  From sketch to highly detailed illustration, painting, and sculpture. 



Artist, Marcia K Moore, became intrigued by the repatriation of our lost ancients through her friend and adopted mother, Maria Pearson, a Yankton Sioux, who initiated the NAGPRA movement, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990.  Marcia’s profound artistic, cultural, and intellectual connection with the ancient ones of the Americas compels her to follow in Maria's footprints by creating artistic images as reconstructed interpretations of the ancient indigenous peoples of the Americas. She is especially intrigued by the Paracus with elongated skulls who lived in Peru and Bolivia 2000 years ago, and by head binding. Anthropologists speculate that the global practice of head binding may have originated to elevate the status of elite members of indigenous tribes by emulating these magnificent people with elongated skulls, encountered all over the Americas and the world. 

"As an artist, I am compelled to reconstruct history using my traditional art tools and modern software technology. It is my hope that artistically reconstructing (repatriating) the past will help us understand lost history.     
A responsibility....dedicated to future generations."